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  Bill's Favorite Films

Since 1997,  I have chronicled the number and type of films that I have seen.   As of December 30, 2001, I have seen 249 films at major theaters.   In that same time period, I  have seen films from 26 different countries.   So, while in no way does that make me Roger Ebert, I still feel confident in selecting a few great films for year.   The top films for each of the following years will be posted shortly.

1997         1998       1999       2000
         2002       2003       2004

  Dana's Favorite Films

2002      2003      2004

Talk cinema provides an interesting opportunity to view expertly selected films prior to their commercial release.   The talk part of "talk cinema"  is a local film critic led discussion after the movie.  The catch is that you do not know what the film is going to be until you show up at the theater.  These sessions have provided me an opportunity to view new and exciting films as well as an avenue to discuss them.   It is highly recommended.


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