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Dana grew up in the Pittsburgh area, and consequently is justified in her undying love for the Steelers .  Bill grew up just south of Cincinnati (yes that's right in KY).  He went to Blessed Sacrament for grammar school, and then Covington Catholic for High School. We met at the University of Dayton during our first year of school.  As it turned out each of our respective best friends were study partners.  One day, Dave brought me down to the girls dorm for a study session. Needless to say, I had little desire to study, so I was sort of passed from room to room filling in the study breaks for the girls of Marycrest 2 North.  Anyway, one of these girls happened to be my future wife, Dana.  We started to date during our second year of college, and the rest is, as they say, the proverbial history.

The Wedding

On October 16, 1999 we got married in Pittsburgh, PA.  It was a beautiful 77o and the fall foliage was spectacular.  Check out the historical day.

Home Sweet Home

We currently live in Chicago, IL, where we have resided for the past 9 years.  On September 22, 2001, we bought our first home in Chicago; we like to think of it as the more exciting Melrose Place.




The Quick Facts   



Raised Cincinnati Pittsburgh
Siblings 3 (Lisa, Michelle, Michael) 2 (Kristie, Dawn)
Grammar School Blessed Sacrament Forest Grove Elementary School
High School Covington Catholic Montour
College University of Dayton University of Dayton
Major(s) Finance and M.I.S M.I.S
Current Employer Accenture Accenture


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