Tier One Sites (Namely Sites that link to ours)

Jon, Melissa, Jack, and PJ Summers http://www.summerscountry.com/ A good site with lots of pictures of the Summers family, their lake house, and other interesting tidbits of their life. 
Chris and Leanne Bjornson http://www.bjornsons.com/ Once you get past the password, this is a great site. It presents interesting content with style.  Editorial note, if you are posting nude shots of your wife, remember to password protect your site.
Steve and Maria Rietberg http://www.rietberg.com/ This is very well organized site filled with good family and travel pictures, plus an abundance of other cool links.
Kris, Melissa, Zoe, and Gage Burkhardt www.burkhardt.org A good site with lots of pictures from Japan and other interesting vacations they have taken.   
Gautam and Niyati Shah www.shahkala.com A good site with lots of pictures from the interesting vacations they have taken.


Tier Two Sites (Friends and co-workers who for some god forsaken reason choose not to link to our site)

Dave and Susan Dooling http://genome.wustl.edu/~ddooling/
Jack Domet http://www.jackandbeverley.com/
Kevin Hub http://www.west-point.org/users/usma1989/46304/
Aaron and Michelle Renn 
(now with Michelle in the mix this site may improve)
Brian and Korin Lawler http://home.flash.net/~blawler/
Chris Miller http://www.themillers.org/
Todd and Christine Frech http://www.enteract.com/~frech/index.htm
Rich and Jody Palumbo http://www.palumbos.com/
Ken Corless and family http://www.corless.com/
Mike Reiter http://www.miker.com/
Chris Crawford http://www.enteract.com/~crawford/
Rob and Kirstin Kellner http://www.thekellners.com/
Chris Donnelley http://www.clandonnelly.com/
Dan Woicke http://www.woicke.com/
Dan Garrison http://www.dangarrison.com/
Bill McFarlane http://www.geocities.com/rtw2000rtw/
Katrina Poresmky http://www.chrisandkatrina.com
Paul Cottey http://www.paultcottey.com/
Tom Parisi http://www.isirap.com/



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