What's New to the Site?

  • 07/01/02  Added the Granite and Tumble email listserv

  • 07/01/02 Added Bill's Music Blogger.

  • 2/16/02  Site Created.

Bill Hub's Music Email List

Frequent updates on upcoming concerts and other cool stuff.  Sign up now!!!!

Bill's Music Blog

This site will contain Bill Hub's color commentary on current events in the indie music scene. In particular, I will be posting upcoming concerts that are of interest, brief reviews of previous concerts, brief reviews of latest recorded music, and other music minutia.  Check out the BLOG

Bill's Music Background

Bill Hub's musical interest pedigree:  a story of how his musical tastes have evolved through the years -  from the Beatles to Brainiac to Tortoise.  Click HERE for the whole story.

Granite and Tumble

Granite and Tumble is annual newsletter that reviews live performances and recorded music for the year.   The review started in 1997 and is still going strong.  Click on the GT to read a specific review.



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