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Small African Herbivores

Oryx 460 lbs. Oryx Kongoni (Coke's Hartebeest) 312 lbs. Hartebeest
Topi/Tsessbe 286 lbs. Three Topis Red Lechwe 227 lbs. Red Lechwe
Warthog 220 lbs. Warthog Bushbuck 176 lbs. Bushbuck
Impala 167 lbs. Impala Grant's Gazelle 143 lbs. Grant's Gazelle
Springbok 90 lbs. Springbok Thomson's Gazelle 64 lbs. Thomson's Gazelle
Steenbok 24 lbs. Steenbok Dik-Dik 11 lbs.


Dik Dik


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