Here is the complete list of concerts I saw in 2003.

Rank Bands City Location
1 The Millions, Bitter Bitter Weeks, Lefty's Deceiver, Matt Pond Pa Chicago Subterranean
2 That One Guy, Drums and Tuba Chapel Hill Go Studios Room 4
3 Scott Tuma, Bonnie Prince Billie, Dirty Three Chicago Metro
4 Static Films, The Impossible Shapes, Songs: Ohia Chicago Schubas
5 Army of Me, Matt Pond PA, Elliot Chicago Fireside Bowl
6 Owen, The Reputation, Mates of State, Rainer Maria Chicago Metro
7 John Vanderslice, Beulah Chicago Abbey
8 Brightblack, Matt Pond & Eve Miller, Rachels San Francisco Café Du Nord
9 Joyful Sorrow, Blake Zweig, Owen Chicago Schubas
10 Rhett Miller Chicago Park West
11 Thermals, Mates of State San Francisco Bottom of the Hill
12 Tim Kinsella, Certainly Sir, American Analog Set Chicago Empty Bottle
13 Ben Hannah, Andrew Bird Chapel Hill Go Studios Room 4
14 Matt Pond PA, Rocky Voltolato, New Amsterdams Chicago Abbey
15 Clem Snide Chicago Schubas
16 Owen, Ted Leo Chicago Schubas
17 John Vanderslice, Beulah San Francisco Great Amrican Music Hall
18 Kind of Like Spitting San Francisco Bottom of the Hill
19 Chris Lee, Will Johnson, Summer Hymns Chapel Hill Go Studios Room 4
20 Saturday Looks Good to Me, The Pacific Ocean, Smog Chapel Hill Go Studios Room 4
21 Iron and Wine, Portastic Chapel Hill Go Studios Room 4
22 Handsome Family, Jim White Chicago Abbey
23 Iron and Wine. Broadcast Chicago Abbey
24 Sea and Cake Chapel Hill Cats Cradle
25 Moviolia, Orso, Califone Chicago Double Door
26 Sirens of Durham, Cold Sides, Shipping News Chapel Hill Go Studios Room 4
27 Jimmy's Comet, Cub Country, Clem Snide Chicago Double Door
28 The Horn Band, The Goblins, The Lonesome Organist Chicago Empty Bottle
29 Azita, Stephen Malkmus Chicago Metro
30 Aluminum Group, Joan of Arc, Sea and Ckae Chicago Metro
31 Wilco Chicago Auditoreum Theater
32 Alaska, Mia Doi Todd, Folk Implosion Chapel Hill Cats Cradle
33 Black Dice, Godspeed Your Black Emperor Chapel Hill Cats Cradle
34 Chin Up Chin Up, Pinebender, Appleseed Cast Chicago Empty Bottle
35 Archer Prewitt, Eleventh Dream Day, Calexico, Spoon Chicago Taste of Randolph 
36 Grapefruit Moon Chicago Davenports
37 54-71, Geese, Pele, Architecture Chicago Schubas
38 Hem, Vic Chestnut Chapel Hill Cats Cradle
39 The Seconds, Sparklehorse, Tortoise Chicago Metro
40 Denali, Zetamale Chapel Hill Go Studios Room 4
41 B.E. Taylor Christmas Concert Pittsburgh Heinz Hall
42 Mike Kinsella & Del Ray performing the Cure Chicago Schubas