Here is the complete list of concerts I saw in 2000.

Rank Bands City Location
1 Moto, Dianogah, Coctails Chicago Lounge Ax
2 Storm & Stress, Sam Prekop & Archer Prewitt, Tortoise Chicago Lounge Ax
3 Pinebender, Velour 100, Pedro the Lion Chicago Schubas
4 Bonnie Prince Bille & the Marquis de Tren, Godspeed Your Black Emperor Washington DC 9:30 Club
5 The Naysayer, Clem Snide, Songs: Ohia Chicago Schubas
6 Bride of No No, Palace Brothers, Jim O'Rourke, "the Dance", King Kong Chicago Lounge Ax
7 the Race, Pele, Karate Chicago Empty Bottle
8 Taking Pictures, Drums and Tuba, Dianogah Chicago Empty Bottle
9 Bottle Rockets New York Brownies
10 Five Style, the Eternals, Abeline Chicago Empty Bottle
11 Grant Lee Phillips Chicago Schubas
12 Slim Cessna's Auto Club, 16 Horsepower Chicago Schubas
13 Marah, Jayhawks New York Bowery Ballroom
14 Sea and Cake Chicago Hideout
15 Sam Prekop Band, Terry Callier Chicago Double Door
16 Stinking Lizaveta, Califone, Modest Mouse New York Bowery Ballroom
17 The Giant Arms, Dianogah, Don Caballero Chicago Empty Bottle
18 Little Grizzly, A-Set, Sin Ropas Chicago Empty Bottle
19 Speed to Rhoam, Town and Country, For Carnation Chicago Empty Bottle
20 Brokeback w/ Chicago Underground Duo, Joan Of Arc, Macha, Isotope 217, Sea and Cake Chicago Metro
21 Lonesome Organist, Antietam, Tortoise Chicago Metro
22 Nora O'Conner, Handsome Family, Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire Hoboken Maxwell's
23 Chestnut Station, Tim Kinsela & Todd Mattei, David Grubbs Chicago Empty Bottle
24 Golden Arm Trio, Designer, Euphone Chicago Empty Bottle
25 Chicago Underground Duo, Isotope 217 Chicago Empty Bottle
26 Other Dimensions in Music, Yo La Tengo New York Irving Plaza
27 Archer Prewitt & Friends, Mekons Chicago Metro
28 Tara Jane O'Neil, Sue Garner & Rick Brown, Tara Key & Rick Rizzo New York Mercury Lounge
29 PJ Olson, Twilight Singers Chicago Metro
30 Bees Are Black, Taking Pictures, Dianogah, Pinebender Chicago Empty Bottle
31 Bottle Rockets Chicago Schubas
32 John Wesley Harding, Fastball, Jayhwaks Washington DC 9:30 Club
33 Rebecca Gates, The aluminum Group, Tweedy & O'Rourke Chicago Double Door
34 Traitors, Scrawl, Thinking Feller's Union, Shellac Chicago Lounge Ax
35 Taking Pictures, Victory at Sea, Shipping News Chicago Empty Bottle
36 The Fucking Champs, Califone, Black Heart Procession, Don Caballero, Trans Am Chicago Metro
37 Tigerlilies, Fairmont Girls, Loveland Cincinnati Sudsy Malone's
38 Blue Tip, Shiner, Hey Mercedes, Burning Airlines, Promise Ring Chicago Metro
39 Moreno, Kimball Roeser Effect, J Mascis and the Fog Chicago Metro
40 The Bought Low, Karyn Kuhl, Hellride East New York Brownies
41 The Minders, Elliott Smith Chicago Metro
42 Poi Dog Pondering, Spin Doctors, Natalie Merchant Chicago United Center
43 Brokeback, Two Dollar Guitar Chicago Empty Bottle
44 Prohibition New York Prohibition
45 Datach'I,Alvin Curran, Elliot Sharp, Jim O'Rourke/Charles K. Noyes/Zena Parkins Trio New York Knitting Factory